#WakandanSTEM: Teaching the evolution of skin color

Estimated reading time: 3 mins (608 words) February has been a good month. I got featured on my friend Alexis’ blog for her: ‘Sully Asks A Scientist’ series. My birthday brought me some major wardrobe upgrades: This jacket And, most importantly, I went to see Black Panther. TWICE. And it may have resulted in me acting a little extra since… Plenty of people have talked about how amazing this movie is and there’s a lot of great analysis on the story and aesthetics. But what I want to talk about is the impact it’s had. The memes, the outfits, the pure joy! Black Panther has gotten so many of us to dream about a glorious Afrofuturistic world and I think that’s just magical. I for one, want to see #WakandanSTEM happen. I want Shuri to be our patron saint.  Nothing but respect for MY princess  Next time someone asks me what I’m doing after this PhD, I’m gonna say I’m applying to be a professor at the University of Wakanda. If I were a professor at U of Wakanda, I would, of course, be teaching Biological Anthropology and about 60% of my curriculum on Human Variation would be African Diversity (instead of the traditional 0%).