March is for Mammal Madness (and trash-talking and memes)

Estimated reading time: 4 mins (647 words) The first time I asked what ‘March Mammal Madness’ was, the answer I got was: “You know, it’s like March Madness, but with mammals” to which I eloquently replied: “What’s a march madness?” #foreignkid Fast forward to me currently being well-versed in the US sports, allow me to explain for those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a “March Madness” (mammalian or otherwise). March Madness is the nickname for the university-level basketball tournament that is held annually during March (and a little bit of April; see Wikipedia or your local sports encyclopedia for details). The hype around this is that people gamble by filling in these “brackets” that predict who will win during these face-offs and advance to the next round and ultimately become the champion. See for reference a “real” bracket for this years basketball So what’s the deal with March Mammal Madness? Well, imagine if instead of basketball teams you had mammals battling against each other like Pokémon! Replace Blastoise & Charizard with actual mammals and you get the drift