The constraints of racialization: How classification and valuation hinder scientific research on human variation

Human biological variation has historically been studied through the lens of racialization. Despite a general shift away from the use of overt racial terminologies, the underlying racialized frameworks used to describe and understand human variation …

How does hair get its color?

Estimated reading time: 7 mins (1295 words) A micrograph of a light and dark hair shaft crossing each other.  Have you ever gotten into a debate about someone’s hair color? “Remember that blonde?” “Which blonde? You mean, Jessie? Her hair is light brown”  “No, it’s clearly dark blonde”  “You need to get your eyes checked, that’s light brown”  /end scene Same goes for dark brown to black. And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people argue that they’re not ‘redheads’ but actually they’re ‘strawberry blonde’. But how can hair color be so debatable? Well, it’s because hair color categories are an illusion.

Quantifying variation in human scalp hair fiber shape and pigmentation

A study of quantitative hair fiber morphology and melanin content in a diverse group of humans.